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Kathy de Stafford for Fields Kathy de Stafford for Fields

Kathy de Stafford Interview

Fields the Jeweller go behind the scenes at the launch event and get to speak with Ireland's leading bridal designer Kathy de Stafford. We ask Kathy what inspired her to choose Fields. And she talks about what inspired her around the new collections: Kathy de Stafford for Fields.

Kathy de Stafford

Kathy de Stafford is one of Ireland's leading bridal designers. With over 28 years of experience in the bridal design industry, she is a multiple awards winner and on two occasions was awarded prestigious Bridal Designer of the year and has also won the Wedding Dress Designer of the year.

“For a couture designer, jewellery is an intrinsic part of that window into the bride’s inner self. I was always fascinated by the myriad of ring designs chosen by my brides, and I wanted to become involved in the creation of this special ring that would be worn every day of a bride’s life."

“When Fields approached me, I realised that I had found the openness and complementary design creativity that I had been interested in. I love the fact that, like me, Fields are an Irish company that have been looking after Irish brides for nearly fourty years. Importantly, as I worked with them I found that we think, create and work well as a unit. That’s not just creative, it’s also fun which is a critical part of creativity.”

Jeff Jones, Director of Brand and Marketing from Fields the Jeweller is excited to work with Kathy de Stafford: "When Fields decided to introduce a collaboration with an Irish bridal designer, we conducted extensive customer research, and Kathy de Stafford came out on top. Kathy's profile as one of the country's leading bridal designers, coupled with her emphasis on luxurious, quality design, make her the perfect fit for us. We are all very excited to welcome Kathy to the Fields family."

To celebrate purchasing a Kathy de Stafford for Fields ring, our brides will receive a 10% discount when purchasing a bridal gown at a de Stafford boutique.

All Kathy de Stafford for Fields jewellery is presented to you in an indulgent double box, designed specially for the collaboration. The dainty inner box is perfect for tucking away for a romantic proposal, while the matching outer box makes a luxurious keepsake display for your dressing table. Completed in a luminous brushed silk finish, the packaging from this special collaboration is designed to be cherished over the years.