Fields offer valuations on items purchased from us upon request once proof of purchase is produced. To request a valuation please visit your local Fields with proof of purchase or the number of the Fields Account used at the time of purchase.

For items not purchased from Fields, we offer a separate valuation service carried out by Padraic Lavin FGA, PJ of Jewellery Valuations Ireland.

This is not an online service and only available by presenting the items to be valued to one of our stores.

The report will consist of the following:
  1. Letter of Transmittal: which is an introductory letter explaining the market conditions within which the valuation has been completed; precious metal prices on the day are also stated.
  2. Valuation schedule: this is a "forensic" description, recording Hallmarks or results of metal testing for gold content, metal weight, and quality of workmanship, measurements and weights of gems, colour and clarity assessment of diamonds. We record as much information as possible, together with, our valuation for the purpose of the valuation; whether for insurance, probate etc.
  3. Image Schedule: normally includes four digital images of each item of jewellery, all identifying characteristics are photographed, including Hallmarks and serial numbers.
  4. Notes to Schedule: explains the procedures employed and the factors and limitations relevant to your particular report.
  5. Glossary of Terms: is an explanation of the technical words and terms used in the report, where necessary they are explained by use of diagrams.
  6. Data Disc: is a complete digital record of our report, all digital images, grading certificates and sales receipts.
  7. Insurance Summary: is a summarisation of the report for your insurer's records.
  8. Our Reports also include: 
  9. Repair Reports are prepared when necessary and are provided without extra charge as an inclusive part of our report.
  10. Scan Protection: For your security we scan-protect our reports and watermark-protect the photographic images.

The cost of this service is as follows:

Valuation for Insurance Replacement

Documentation & Set-up fee only: €65

(all valuations incure this fee as well as the appropriate fee below)

Includes professional bound report, photographs, data CD, jewellery cleaning & polishing with repair or loose stone report when necessary.

First High value (over €500) Item: €80

Includes the appraisal & valuation of the first or only item to be valued

Subsequent High Value Items, each €45

Bulk Inventory Items €50

Appraised, valued, photographed and listed under one heading to a maximum of ten items per heading (each item to be valued at €500 or less). Many of our customers who may have only a small number of high value items have used this part of our service to catalogue or make a complete inventory of their less valuable items, some of which are often forgotten when a theft victim is making a list from memory for their insurance claim.

This can take up to 15 working days