Our Engagement Stories: Niamh and Con

Fields the Jewellery - Niamh and Con's Engagement Story - Photo: Masters of Photography

Each piece of jewellery tells a story. A romantic proposal, a favourite Christmas gift, joyful baby showers... Our jewellery box turns into a treasure trove of cherished memories and moments. This time, Niamh West shares her special moments with us. After getting featured in RTE's "My Big Day – Home or Away", Niamh now tells us about her and Con's love story. She talks about their first date and engagement. She also explains how they found the right wedding rings in this very special Fields blog post.

Fields the Jewellery - Niamh and Con's Wedding - Photo: Masters of Photography

We often laugh when people ask how we met because it wouldn't be considered the most 'romantic' story. We jokingly call it a fairytale from the modern era. Our paths first crossed online when we both swiped right on Tinder, a popular dating app. You could say our connection was instant on the first date as it led to many more wonderful dates. In a matter of weeks, we were off experiencing different places and travelling around different countries. Our relationship moved quite fast, which felt like a good pace for us.

Just over a year ago, August 2018, I had returned from a trip visiting friends. Con casually asked me to go for a walk with him. This was not out of the ordinary as we very often go for walks with our son Alfie and two dogs, except this time it was just the two of us. We head in the direction of my favourite boardwalk, which is only a couple of kilometres from our house. We approached the nicest part of the walk where a bench sits looking out into the view. Con took out a blindfold from his pocket and put it over my eyes, sat me on the bench and placed something on my lap. When I took the blindfold off, he was on one knee with the ring and on my lap was an old scrapbook I had made but left unfinished. He had finished the scrapbook and at the end he wrote: "Will you marry me". I, of course, said "YES". It was magical and true to us.

Fields the Jewellery - Niamh and Con's Engagement - Photo: Masters of Photography

Fast forward to February 2019 when we decided we would get married in August 2019, leaving us 6 months to plan it all. There were many things we weren't sure of. What's the best band? Which photographer? Colour schemes? The list was endless. One thing for certain was that the only place for rings was Fields. We visited the shop and looked at so many different styles, and we were then able to decide exactly what suited us best in both style and practicality. As Con spends a lot of time on the farm, he was worried his ring would become marked from outdoor work and need polishing often. His wedding ring was customised with a matte finish which is zero maintenance for him and looks timeless. Our rings are now among our greatest treasures, not because of their value, but what they are a symbol of. They are features of our personalities, they are triggers for the magical memories we made the day of our wedding and most importantly they are symbols of our love and happiness.

Fields the Jewellery - Niamh and Con's Wedding - Photo: Masters of Photography

Photos courtesy of Masters of Photography.

Our Engagement Stories: Sean and Mark

Fields the Jewellery - Sean and Mark's Engagement Story - Photo: Glen Bollard

At Fields, we believe every jewellery box is a treasure trove of cherished memories and moments. Every love story has to start somewhere. Sean and Mark's began seven years ago. We sat with Sean to learn more about how it all started, about their engagement and finding the perfect ring, and plans for the future.

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Fields: When did you meet?

We first met in a bar called the Brog in Cork, which is still there. Mark and I started talking just to realise that Sean's best friend in college, who was from the same town as I, lived next door to Mark's best mate.

Fields: Such a small world! And this accidental chat lead to your first date then?

Our first date was in Doneraile Park in Cork a month later. It was a very nice day. We went there for a walk. But I forgot the gate closed at 8 pm and we got locked in. So it was our first date. And we kept seeing each other. But after a fight, I asked Mark out, and he said no as he was going back to college and he wouldn't have time. But we kept seeing each other.

Fields: When did you make it official then?

We went later to the Electric Picnic in 2012. It was the first Electric Picnic we went to. And when we were there, Mark asked me out in a tent at the Andy Warhol campsite. And that’s how it all started!

Fields: So cute! 

Mark later said half-serious and half-joking to me that if it doesn't work out, we can break up and never see each other again as I was in Limerick and he was in Cork at that time. And here we are, seven years later, still together. Every year we come back to the Electric Picnic.

Fields: When did you start thinking of popping the question?

I started thinking about proposing a few months ago. In our first year of dating, we went to the Electric Picnic where we could have had a fake marriage just for fun, but when I suggested that to Mark, he said we couldn't marry, not even fake marry. I kept thinking about proposing but I wasn't sure if he would say yes. And fast forward to a couple of months ago, we were at Fields in the Athlone Shopping centre, and we started trying wedding rings by mistake. And that's how I knew which ring he wanted. We only went to Fields as I was looking for a ring for myself!

Fields: Your heart went straight for the wedding bands!

The girls behind the counter saw Mark behind me when I was trying on rings, and she suggested bringing us to a separate section to show us more rings. While we were looking at them, she asked us if we got engaged, and I was like, "Oh my God!" So that became the day we picked up our wedding rings (mineMark's) before even getting engaged. And then I knew he would say yes!

Fields: So it was time to get working on your proposal and getting the perfect ring then?

Soon afterwards I went to Dundrum where I dropped by the Dundrum Fields Store there. I found the ring that Mark loved. Funny enough, it was available only in Mark's size. It was fate. And Sarah, a friend of mine, works at Sing Along Social and she started talking about the weekend shows at the Electric Picnic. And the idea popped into my head as I realised that Sunday would be our seven-year anniversary. I asked Sarah if Sing Along Social could help me with a proposal. They were terrific and jumped on board straight away. Everything pretty much snowballed from there.

Fields the Jewellery - Sean and Mark's Engagement - Photo: Glen Bollard

Fields: The whole plan was in motion.

I was very nervous. I didn't know if it would go ok and work out the way it should. Mark didn't suspect anything. One night at 4am he told me in a tent that he wanted to marry me, but he didn't know how to come up with an extraordinary way to propose. I just sat there with a straight face, super nervous inside!

Fields: Everything was ready. The venue, the people helping you set up the mood, and the ring. We heard you successfully smuggled it in your shorts to the Sing-Along Social event.

Yes, it was tricky to hide the ring at the festival. I kept it in my sock from Mark. When heading to the Sing Along Social session, I hid it in my shorts as I didn't want anyone to see, especially Mark. We arrived and we sang along and had a fab time. But he wanted actually to leave earlier to see Roisin Murphy. I asked him to wait and then Aoife from Sing Along Social appeared on the stage and asked everyone to drop on one knee. How amazing it was to have not one but 3,000 people asking for his hand in marriage. It was absolutely amazing. When people saw that little green box, people just talking to each other, "He has the ring, he is proposing." So many emotions! We later saw it from so many different angles as everyone was taking photos or filming. You could say we have a 360 view of our proposal.

Fields the Jewellery - Sean and Mark's Engagement - Photo: Glen Bollard

Fields: After such a fantastic proposal, are you ready to take on a fairy-tale wedding?

I want to have a festival for my wedding. I want it to be a massive party, with circus performers, burlesque dancers, fire breathers and more. We have an idea of the venue. It’s a massive old barn with a marquee on the grounds of this gorgeous country house. I would love everyone to have fun. I want my wedding to be full of love, music and creativity. It should be magical. It should be a celebration!

Photo Credit: Glen Bollard 

Mother's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

Mother's Day 2019 gift ideas Mother's Day gift ideas at Fields

Mother's Day 2019

There is never a bad day to celebrate your mother, if you're one of the lucky ones to still have her around - whether that's with flowers, a big smile or a cup of tea she didn't ask for. But Mother's Day, March 31st, just makes it all that little bit more official: one day, each spring, where you get to show your mum (or mam, or mammy) exactly how much she means to you. With that in mind, we've compiled a selection of gifts anyone's mother would love, whatever her age, taste or style.

cubic zirconia cluster double strand necklace Mother's Day

This super delicate and beautiful 9ct gold and cubic zirconia necklace is one of our bestsellers - and would make a stunning gift for someone to keep, and wear, forever. Its delicate 9ct gold chain holds two stunning cubic zirconia flower clusters, for a unique design. It's just one of our dozens of Mother's Day gift ideas, with an array of gifts for your mum or partner from just €29.50.

You won't go far wrong with a piece of jewellery and we have a whole host of options, whether she wears yellow or white gold, rose gold or sterling silver. Go for broke by mixing metals, in something like our Three-Colour Gold Cubic Zirconia Pendant, which will mix and match with any other jewellery she already owns. For someone who wants something with a little more bling, this 9ct Yellow Gold and Glitter Interlocking Necklace is what we think of as a subtle showstopper: it's got the 'wow' factor but it's not over the top.

Mother's Day 2019 gift ideas

If you want to err on the safer side and opt for a truly classic design, you won't go wrong with a pair of stud earrings. From our Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Claw Studs (€32.50) to our Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Halo Studs (€39.50) all the way up to our 9ct White Gold Halo Stud Earrings (€145), we have options to suit every style and budget.

Remember: while it's lovely to receive gifts, at any time of year, Mother's Day isn't about how much you can spend. The greatest gift, after all, is time - this Mother's Day, why not give some to your mum, whether that's taking her to a movie, cooking her a meal or bringing her breakfast in bed (although you'll get more brownie points for that if you do it when she's not expecting it!).

Shop our Mother's Day selection now in Fields the Jeweller stores and online.

Our Engagement Story - Aisling and Ronan

proposal engagement Aisling Ronan proposal engagement Aisling Ronan

Our Engagement Story - Aisling and Ronan

“It was really like a love-at-first-sight scenario.”

Aisling and Ronan’s love story got off to a fitful start, with the couple going on their very first date nine years ago. “We briefly went on a couple of dates,” Aisling recalls, “but we went out separate ways. We were both very young.” All was not lost, though, as the pair kept in touch over the years, “just as friends”, until, in December 2014, “after a few months of texting, we met on New Year’s Eve – and we’ve been inseparable ever since!” Aisling says it wasn’t long before she knew Ronan was The One. “I know it sounds clichéd, but it really was like a love-at-first-sight scenario,” she says. “Yes, we had dated briefly before – but this time, after only a week of dating, I was madly in love. I knew he was the one.”

engagement story proposal Aisling Ronan

“I had no idea at all it was coming.”

It was Valentine’s Day of that year before Ronan asked Aisling to make it official – and then a mere two years later, “on the sunny island of Gran Canaria”, Ronan got down on one knee and asked Aisling to be his wife. “Of course I said yes! It was the happiest day of my life,” Aisling reminisces. “I had no idea at all that it was coming. We were both in tears – it was so romantic.” Ronan proposed to Aisling with a promise ring. “He knew I’d want to pick out my own when we got home,” Aisling explains, but it turns out that Ronan wasn’t far off the mark with the promise ring he picked, “a beautiful halo style ring with a diamond band.” In the end, the ring Aisling picked out is “nearly identical”. The couple chose their engagement ring in Fields the Jeweller in Drogheda. “The girls in the shop couldn’t have been nicer helping me pick the perfect ring – a beautiful round centre diamond surrounded by a diamond halo and five claw-set diamonds on the shoulders. It really has the wow factor.” Aisling says she’d definitely recommend selecting the ring together. “It was so exciting going together to pick it out together. It’s such an important piece of jewellery and it’s great to get exactly what you want.” As for wedding rings, both Aisling and Ronan opted for diamond-set bands. “Mine matches my engagement ring – I hope to get a second to sit on the other side after the wedding,” says Aisling.

engagement story proposal Aisling Ronan blog

“It's the most exciting time of your life.”

Aisling says she loved the engagement period: “It’s the most exciting time of your life!” The pair have been engaged for two years now, and their “fairytale wedding” will take place in August of this year, in Cabra Castle, in Co Cavan. “We booked it about a month after our engagement,” Aisling confides. “Time has just flown by! I would definitely recommend taking a year or two to plan and enjoy it all. We’re on a high now, counting down the days until we say ‘I do’.”

engagement story proposal Aisling Ronan

All pictures courtesy of Aisling O'Reilly ¦ Instagram. Shop engagement rings from Fields the Jeweller online or in any of our 14 Republic of Ireland showrooms.

Modern Celtic and Claddagh Styles

Sale at Fields Sale at Fields

Modern Celtic and Claddagh Styles

As a wholly Irish-owned jewellers since we first began over forty years ago; Fields the Jeweller is proud to stock an attractive array of both Celtic and Claddagh jewellery. While this stunning selection includes traditional stylings, we are conscious too to offer some modern and contemporary designs that sophisticated ladies and dapper gentlemen alike can appreciate.

ladies gucci g-timeless floral leather gold tone steel watch

Pictured above is a marvellous matching earring and necklet set from Solvar (these pieces are available to purchase separately). Crafted from serene sterling silver, they present the classic Celtic trinity knot motif as can be seen filling up the design. Both the drop earrings and the necklet take on a terrific twisted aesthetic which works to add a more contemporary and eye-catching dimension to proceedings. As they are made from sterling silver, they wear and pair well with many different colours and patterns of clothing. Charming and contemporary in equal measure, choose them (either individually or together as a matching set), for friends, for family, for you and for love from Fields the Jeweller.

ladies sterling silver and crystal antique heart shaped locket

The dapper gentleman can also indulge in Irish style with the more modern Celtic and Claddagh men’s jewellery that we offer. As can be seen above, this includes a cuff bangle from Alex And Ani (which is adorned with intricate line designs and a four-leaf clover / shamrock emblem). Made from glimmering sterling silver and etched with some black detailing, it manages to be both subtle and eye-catching at once. The Claddagh ring design is also available as can be seen here in a thick band design. Etched with the classic Claddagh symbols in a recurring pattern, it is a great way to incorporate some Irish style into your aesthetic in a way that is sure to court compliments.

Stunning and serene in equal measure, our Celtic and Claddagh jewellery offering is sure to be the perfect pick for friends, for family, for you and for love from Fields the Jeweller.

International Women's Day 2019

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International Women's Day 2019

The theme of International Women’s Day, which falls in the 8th of March 2019, is ‘Balance for Better’ (being promoted with the hashtag #balanceforbetter) as it aims to promote a gender-balanced world. In terms of jewellery, watches and aesthetic accessories overall; one often aims for a balanced aesthetic to complete their looks and outfit choices. So in celebration of International Women’s Day 2019, here we take a look at some key pieces that balance the style stakes in your favour.

ladies gucci g-timeless floral leather gold tone steel watch

Classic feminine charm is effortlessly evoked with the Gucci watch pictured in the above image. Complete with a floral leather strap and gleaming gold-tone steel bezel and casing, it shines with serene sophistication and Italian design style. Choose it to admirably accentuate any of your looks with an eye-catching aesthetic empowered by traditional visuals and strong and enduring steel - a perfect balance of form and function. Alex And Ani also present their 'Soul Sister' bangle which works as a great way to symbolise a sisterly bond between both friends and family. Adorned with some captivating celestial sparkle, the design of it is on-trend while the sentiment will forever remain in style. Think of it as the perfect present for the sister figure in your life (perhaps you can even buy one each like a matching best friend necklace).

ladies sterling silver and crystal antique heart shaped locket

Crafted in a loving heart-shape and decorated with an ornate design, this locket beautifully binds any of your looks together. It features decadent deep blue detailing which works in tandem with the shimmering silver and clear crystal design to offer the wearer a balanced color scheme that is empowered with versatile appeal. As you can display photographs within it, it gains a sentimental value that is sure to be treasured forever. Consider it as the perfect piece to accentuate a look without being garish or over the top.

ladies gucci fashion plexi crystal bangle pink pearl watch

Fans of more eye-catching designs are sure to adore this Gucci Plexi watch. Crafted in a neat 24mm sizing, it is draped around the wrist like a beautiful bracelet and radiates a visually magnetic aesthetic. The bangle bracelet is studded with pink crystals which match the shimmering pink pearl face. Striking red and green striped detailing add to the appeal too. This wonderful watch from the iconic Italian fashion house of Gucci is simply ideal to elevate and balance a more minimalist and neutral look with stunning and striking aesthetic appeal.

While jewellery, watches and aesthetic accessories such as this balance your looks and outfit choices; it is important too to remember this ‘Balance for Better’ ethos beyond aesthetics and beyond International Women’s Day. Rather we should use these punctuations as reminders of the love, lifestyle and appreciation that we all deserve and should expect in a gender-balanced world.

First Anniversary Watch Gifts

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First Anniversary Gift Ideas

To mark your first year of wedded bliss, a wonderful watch makes a great and modern gift idea for your beautiful beloved. Here at Fields the Jeweller, we stock a stunning selection of watches for him and for her - from a range of world-famous and celebrated brands.

Men's Watches

mens gucci g-timeless tan leather striped watch

Hugely popular with the dapper gentleman, men’s watches are a staple style (and functional) accessory of today. Above is one of Gucci's G-Timeless watches that is crafted with a classic tan leather strap and a contemporary striped aesthetic. Made in a 38mm sizing with gleaming yellow gold-tone steel and detailing, it stands out for all the right reasons when worn on the wrist. Fans of designer styles will also appreciate the Emporio Armani watch collection which is packed with timepieces made from the likes of sleek steel and luscious leather. When empowered with these Italian brands, your partner is sure to cherish and treasure their watch collection even more. For those who seek a more premium timepiece, the masterful Swiss brand of TAG Heuer makes a simply perfect present pick. Discover the decadence of the likes of their classic Aquaracer and Formula 1 collections that attract an admirable amount of attention.

Ladies' Watches

ladies gucci fashion plexi crystal bangle pink pearl watch

Poised and primed to please the stylish and sophisticated lady, our ladies’ watch selection at Fields the Jeweller is simply stunning. Pictured above is Gucci's visually magnetic Plexi watch that features radiant pearl and captivating crystal detailing. Crafted in a neat 24mm sizing, it can be elegantly draped around the wrist like a beautiful bracelet. Yet another popular brand is that of Michael Kors and the likes of their Lauryn, Parker and Sofie collections. They offer your beloved a selection of shimmering steel and supple leather designs in a multitude of colours and hues such as on-trend rose gold and pleasing pink. Emporio Armani offer an abundance of aesthetic mastery too. Their wonderful watch designs feature the likes of bold black pearl, meticulous motifs and much more to adore. As an iconic Italian fashion house, they offer the wearer classic and timeless appeal and as such make a great gift idea at your first wedding anniversary.

A loving gift and a sentimental symbol of your time together, a watch makes the perfect present for your first wedding anniversary. Browse and buy online or in any of our showrooms nationwide.

March Birthstone Jewellery

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March Birthstone Jewellery

Gorgeously gleaming in a light blue hue, the aquamarine gemstone glows like the sea and the sky. A perfect colour for the March birthstone as we move into the bright and beautiful season of spring. As such, aquamarine jewellery makes for a great gift idea for those who celebrate their birthday in March.

Speaking of birthdays, you can join our Privilege Club to get up to 15% off jewellery and watches with an extra 10% discount during your birthday month (terms and conditions apply). Click / Tap here to sign up.

What is the March Birthstone?

The March birthstone is the highly aesthetic and attractive aquamarine. It has been celebrated throughout history due to its attributes of calm, clairity, happiness and youth.

What Colour is it?

It is most famously presented in a beautiful blue hue (hence its name), but other colours such as green are also available. As part of the beryl mineral family, the iron within it gives it it's colour.

sterling silver rose gold-plated created amethyst necklet bracelet and earrings against a white background

Fields the Jeweller are proud to stock aquamarine jewellery which makes the perfect present for friends, for family, for you and for love. The beautiful colour pairs well with every colour of precious metal and works harmoniously with virtually all of your looks and outfit choices. Due to this, your jewellery collection can be empowered with versatile appeal with pieces that are sure to become staples within your jewellery collection. It is a choice that will pay off in spades as it is sure to court compliments and attract admirable attention.

sterling silver rose gold-plated created amethyst necklet bracelet and earrings against a white background

For the dapper gentleman, he can consider a terrific TAG Heuer Aquaracer watch (with a blue face like pictured above) or a clever and compact Secrid wallet as their birthday treat. With these blue options available, they act as a subtle nod to the March birthstone. Whether you choose to wear it in earring, necklace, bracelet or ring from; the aquamarine gemstone is sure to stand out in style. Available to browse and buy here online and in our showrooms nationwide, consider it this month as an indulgent treat for yourself or a sentimental gift idea for someone special in your life.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrate their birthday in February. May it be a special day to remember - perhaps even with a special treat chosen from Fields the Jeweller for friends, for family, for you and for love.