Here at Fields, we are passionate about your purchases and keen on assisting you in keeping them in best condition possible.

Repairs at Fields are carried out through our stores and external workshops of trusted goldsmiths and watch technicians. Please do not hesitate to contact or visit our stores should you require repair services. Our store staff will be delighted to assist with information on timeframes and prices.


What is white gold?

White gold is a metal that is of similar color to platinum.

White gold itself is an alloy meaning it is made of 75% gold and 25% nickel and zinc.

Will white gold lose its colour?

Overtime, the rhodium coating on the jewellery will begin to fade, revealing the yellow gold.

This is a completely natural process which is a result of a range of factors including the use of hand sanitizer, cleaning products, lotions and also depends on the PH levels in a individuals skin.

Can this be fixed?

This can be easily restored to brand new.

The process of this is referred to as rhodium plating which involves the item being sent to a goldsmith to essentially have it recoated.

On average this may need to be done every year but this can vary depending on the wear of the item and the lifestyle of the owner.

The pricing for this starts at €38.

How can you avail of this service?

All repairs our booked out through our stores.

We recommend calling into your nearest store where our teams there can arrange for your item to be sent to our workshop for re-rhodium plating and be able to inform you of the current lead time for this service.