Northern Star

Origins of Canadian Diamonds

Though Canada is the world’s third-highest producer of diamonds it wasn’t until 1991 that Canada’s diamonds were discovered when two geologists made a ground-breaking discovery! So began the story of Canadian diamonds.

Formed billions of years ago in Canada’s pristine frozen north, near the Arctic circle, Northern Star diamonds originate from the Ekati, Diavik and Gahcho Kué mines in the North West Territories of Canada as well as from Canada’s newest mine – the Renard mine in Quebec. Inspired by the brightest star of them all Northern Star is our Canadian diamond offering and is one of our most popular choices for Eternity, Engagement and Wedding Rings.

Follow the Remarkable Journey of Your Diamond – from Mine to Finger

Each Northern Star diamond is laser inscribed on the girdle with a unique, verifiable tracking number. This number guarantees full traceability of your diamond. Every Northern Star diamond also comes with a certificate of origin assuring you of its Canadian provenance along with a GemScan certificate showing the details of every diamond in the piece of jewellery.

The tracking system of our Northern Star diamonds is subject to a strict auditing process thus ensuring that each Northern Star diamond is fully traceable from the mine of origin to the final piece of jewellery. Rest assured that your product is sourced and created using the highest possible standards.

Northern Star’s Stunning Specifications

  • Every Northern Star diamond is a minimum H in colour and SI2 in clarity and every diamond is hand set in Canadian gold
  • All gold used in every Northern Star piece is derived from pure Canadian gold bars certified by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Every Northern Star ring has one natural Canadian natural fancy yellow diamond adorning the inside of the shank for that extra special touch
  • Every diamond is hand selected and polished by highly trained craftsmen to ensure that they always gleam and glisten