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Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 40mm Ice Blue Dial Bracelet Watch Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 40mm Ice Blue Dial Bracelet Watch
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Longines Heritage Flagship Automatic Watch Longines Heritage Flagship Automatic Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, men wear watches on their left hand. This tradition dates to a time when watches were predominantly mechanical and wearing them on the non-dominant hand meant that winding the watch was easier. However, in modern times, the choice of wrist for a watch is largely a matter of personal preference or worn on the non-dominant wrist.
The number of watches a man should own ultimately depends on personal style and preferences. Some may prefer to have a small collection of versatile timepieces for different occasions, while others may enjoy a larger variety to match various outfits and moods. If the watches are well-maintained and loved, there is no set limit to how many a man should own.
The features to look for in men's watches depend on personal preferences and needs. Some popular features include water resistance, chronograph functions, date displays, luminous hands, or markers for visibility in low light. Consider your lifestyle, daily activities, and aesthetic preferences when choosing the features for your watch.
The best watch colour for men depends on personal style and the occasion. Classic choices like silver or black are versatile and timeless, suitable for both formal and casual wear. However, some men may prefer bolder options like navy blue or dark green to make a statement. Ultimately, it's important to choose a watch colour that complements one's wardrobe and reflects individual taste.
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