How to Pick an Engagement Ring

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How to Pick an Engagement Ring

Picking the right engagement ring is such an important choice, so it makes sense to have as much information as possible before you invest in the ultimate symbol of love. Here we explain how to pick an engagement ring by taking a look at precious metals, ring styles and diamond shapes.

Pick the Perfect Precious Metal

Here at Fields the Jeweller, you can pick from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum engagement rings. Yellow gold is the most traditional choice as it gleams in a universally appreciated classic golden tone. This warmer coloured metal also pairs well with the clear diamonds that usually feature in an engagement ring. White gold is a more contemporary choice with its cool and captivating appearance. It is a cohesive colour choice with clear diamonds, therefore meaning that it can pair well with a wide range of attire. Rose gold then is a very on-trend choice that makes for a stunning and striking style. It’s warm and welcoming tone catches the eye and is ideal for a more unique style of engagement ring. Platinum is seen as the most premium of precious metals as it is both enduring and hypoallergenic. A platinum engagement ring is sure to glimmer and gleam for years to come as it shimmers with a supreme radiance.

sterling silver rose gold-plated created amethyst necklet bracelet and earrings against a white background

Engagement Ring Styles

Just as people have their own taste in music, film and fashion; engagement rings can also align with a person’s taste and style. A solitaire diamond ring (which means one single diamond decorates the ring) is the ideal choice for those who love the classical element and vision of romance. Consider the trilogy / three stone style for a more on-trend take on engagement rings (Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is made in this style). Cluster designs and halo designs feature many diamonds arranged together for a more high-impact and standout style. Some of these designs may also feature diamonds set into the shoulders of the ring band (the curved sides of the ring that wrap around the finger); so they can be ideal for those who adore attractive aesthetic appeal at every angle. Know too that some engagement rings are designed with coloured gemstones for a more unique and alternative style of engagement ring. When you consider these different styles with the above advice on precious metals, you can understand the most suitable style of ring for you. So those who love classic romance are sure to love a yellow gold ring with a single solitaire diamond; whereas those who appreciate more standout styles are sure to adore a rose gold ring decorated with a cluster or halo of diamonds.

sterling silver rose gold-plated created amethyst necklet bracelet and earrings against a white background

Different Diamond Shapes

As a diamond is technically a stone (the world’s most beautiful stone), it can be cut into different shapes. The larger and heavier a diamond is, the more it is worth (this is known as carat weight or ‘ct’ for short). One of the most popular cuts of diamonds is the round cut and this is a classic diamond cut for an engagement ring. Other diamond shapes available at Fields the Jeweller include the cushion cut (a square shape with rounded edges), the oval cut (a more elongated oval shape that extends further over the ring band) and the princess cut (a square shape that keeps the angular edges). Regardless of your choice, each diamond is sure to shimmer and shine in the light if you purchase it from Fields the Jeweller as we stock dazzling diamonds that are beautiful in terms of the four diamond C’s (carat, cut, colour and clarity).

Still unsure on what to pick? You can see our engagement rings buying guide here, chat to any of our jewellery experts on our website live chat (Monday to Friday from 9:00am) or visit any of our 14 showrooms nationwide where we will be happy to help you pick in person!