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Our Engagement Story - Chelsea and Adam

“I spent the night walking up and down past his table.”

Chelsea and Adam’s meet-cute was just that: the couple met four years ago, on St Patrick’s Day. Chelsea says: “We were in a local pub with friends. I saw him first and fancied him loads! I spent the whole night walking up and down past his table, but he didn’t even notice me.” All was almost lost, as Chelsea and her friend left the pub to go to another bar. “I was dancing the night away, trying to get that handsome man out of my mind,” Chelsea recalls. As it turns out, she needn’t have bothered. “To my surprise, I turned around and he was walking towards me!” It turns out that Adam’s friends had dragged him to the very same bar.The couple spent the night together, “talking and laughing…” until, yet again, their romance was almost thwarted, this time by Adam himself. “To my utter shock, he didn’t have a phone!” Chelsea laughs. “He went to the toilet attendant and paid a fiver for a pen and I wrote my number on his arm. He walked home from the pub with his sleeves rolled up so that it wouldn’t rub off.”

“Everything was just instant.”

sterling silver rose gold-plated created amethyst necklet bracelet and earrings against a white background

“I acted cool, but I was freaking out with excitement!.”

Chelsea and Adam had their first date shortly afterwards – “we went to Bray and had ice-cream on the beach, and everything was just instant from there.” Things moved swiftly from their ice-cream Sunday, with Adam introducing Chelsea to his family on their second date. “I knew he meant business!” Two weeks later, he asked her to be his girlfriend. “It was really quick,” Chelsea concedes, “but it never felt rushed.” “I 100% knew the proposal was coming” As for popping the question, that came two years later and, says Chelsea, “it was the world’s worst kept secret! Any time Adam would have a few beers, he’d tell anyone who’d listen that we were getting married. I’d just laugh!” Shortly before Christmas in 2017, the couple were walking past Fields the Jeweller when Adam asked Chelsea which ring she’d choose. When she pointed out the one she had always loved, Adam suggested she go in and try it on. “I acted cool, but I was freaking out with excitement!” Chelsea admits. “I tried on the ring and Adam asked the sales assistants what my ring size was. He then just said thanks and walked out of the shop! I was like, you can’t do that to a girl!” It wasn’t long afterwards that the big moment came – unbeknownst to Chelsea, Adam had returned the following day with his mum and bought the ring, an 18ct White Gold and Diamond Square Cluster Engagement Ring. “It was love at first sight – that was the ring that always caught my eye! I wanted something big and sparkly, so it was right up my street.”

“It was love at first sight - that was the ring that always caught my eye!.”

sterling silver rose gold-plated created amethyst necklet bracelet and earrings against a white background

“The best day of our lives.”

Adam didn’t rush into a proposal, though. “The wait nearly killed me!” Chelsea laughs. Early on, Adam had told Chelsea that he’d like to get engaged on holiday – so she had her suspicions about an upcoming holiday the two were taking to Rome, “but it could have been Christmas, Valentine’s Day, my birthday…” Those occasions came and went and there was no sign of a ring – until their trip to Rome in March.“I found it hilarious but didn’t let on” “Two days before we were due to fly out, he sent a huge bouquet of flowers to my job. All the girls in the office freaked out!” she remembers. “Then, at the airport, Adam was so nervous about his bags – and especially nervous going through security. I found it hilarious but didn’t let on.” Adam had booked dinner in a high-end restaurant for March 28th, so Chelsea put on her dress – “I’d bought it especially for the ‘surprise engagement’”. Adam wore a three-piece suit – “with a big, bulging box in his pocket – again, I just tried not to laugh!” The restaurant – a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Colosseum – was, says Chelsea, “like something out of a movie. The staff and Adam had worked together to make a private area for the two of us, with the best view in the house.” “It was the best day of our lives” The table was surrounded by candles and roses: “It was a dream come true.” The couple ordered food and wine and reminisced over their three years together. When it came time for dessert, “Adam was pretty insistent that I order something” – and, when the waiter arrived with the dessert, on a plate covered with a silver lid, “Adam took my hands and just said the sweetest things… I was welling up at this stage. When he removed the lid, the plate was full of rose petals, with a ring box in the middle.” When Adam got down on one knee, “I couldn’t say yes quickly enough!” It was, says Chelsea, “the best day of our lives”.

“I couldn't say yes quickly enough!.”

sterling silver rose gold-plated created amethyst necklet bracelet and earrings against a white background

Chelsea and Adam are planning to get married in summer of 2020, in the Lyrath Estate Hotel in Kilkenny. “It was love at first sight with the venue,” says Chelsea. “We’re beyond excited to get married!” Chelsea’s top tip? “Don’t spend the night of your engagement on the phone! I just wanted to tell everyone, but we decided we’d have one phone call each after dinner and drinks – and, when we got back to the room, we’d share it on social media. I’m glad we did, because we had such a lovely night, with no distractions.”

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