Trending Morganite Jewellery

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Trending Morganite Jewellery

Opulent and on-trend in equal measure, morganite jewellery is a hugely popular choice across earrings, pendant and even engagement ring designs. The morganite gemstone glimmers in a gorgeously glossy pinky-peach hue and as such radiates a classically feminine aura. Ideal as a present for friends, for family, for love - or as an indulgent treat for yourself; Fields the Jeweller are proud to stock a magnificent morganite range.

What is Morganite?

A somewhat rarer gemstone of the beryl family (which includes the likes of aquamarine and emerald); morganite is usually found in a pinky-peach hue. It is named after the American gemstone enthuasist and financier J.P. Morgan - which is fitting for the gemstone as it exudes a beautifully rich and luxurious aura.

Morganite Earrings

Set into warm and welcoming rose gold, morganite jewellery makes for eye-catching pieces that are sure to attract admirable attention. Pictured below are two pairs of earrings which make great aesthetic use of this captivating combination. The pair on the left utilise both freshwater pearls and dazzling diamond detailing to accentuate the attractive drop earring design. They are simply perfect to add classic charm to both casual and formal looks. two pairs of 9ct rose gold morganite earrings with diamond and pearl decorationWhen worn in the ear, they are free to sway slightly and add a serene sense of movement to your aesthetic. The pair on the right offer a supremely decadent design which sees eye-catching rectangle morganite gemstones framed by dazzling round cut diamonds. Set into 9ct rose gold, they exude a supreme sparkle and add shining sophistication to absolutely anything they are worn with. Consider them as a supreme and special present for that special someone in your life. Buy here.

two pairs of 9ct rose gold morganite earrings with diamond and pearl decoration

Morganite Pendants

The stylish and sophisticated lady can drape decadence around her neck with our stunning selection of morganite pendants at Fields the Jeweller. Both pictured here are crafted from shimmering 9ct rose gold and are decorated with clear diamonds. Hanging from lightweight chains, they offer the wearer lustrous luxury and can be comfortably worn with everything from casual, office, formal, evening and special occasion attire. two 9ct rose gold morganite pendants with diamond decorationAs the morganite gemstone can be cut in different shapes (with both the oval shape and rectangular shape pictured above), it can seamlessly be added to the jewellery collection of those who prefer for more classic styles (such as the oval shape) and more contemporary and geometric styles (such as the rectangle shape). Regardless of your choice, the magnificence of the morganite gemstone empowers any jewellery collection with exquisite opulence. Buy here.

two pairs of 9ct rose gold morganite earrings with diamond and pearl decoration

Morganite Engagement Rings

A more modern choice brimming with both beauty and character, morganite engagement rings are currently trending in popularity. By weaving together wonderful elements such as the morganite gemstone with diamonds, sparkling cubic zirconia stones and precious metals; they make for perfect pieces of jewellery to represent your love story in a stunning and stylish manner. two 9ct rose gold morganite engagement rings with diamond decorationWith rose gold also being a trending precious metal choice, the above pictured engagement rings showcase the height of high-shine contemporary appeal. Consider a morganite engagement ring if your beloved adores colour and strong aesthetics as part of her overall look and wardrobe choices. They are also perfect for those with a zest for life with the warm and welcoming morganite and rose gold tones injecting energy and enthusiasm into the decadent designs. Buy here.

two pairs of 9ct rose gold morganite earrings with diamond and pearl decoration

Fields the Jeweller offer morganite jewellery including earrings, pendants, rings and more as a way for the stylish and sophisticated lady to indulge and invest in her jewellery collection. Buy here.