Tulip Setting at Fields Tulip Setting at Fields

The Tulip Setting

The flower of perfect, enduring love; the delicate Tulip is the inspiration behind this beautiful and exclusive setting. Just like its namesake the Tulip setting is tall, modern and elegant, elevating the centre stone above the wearer’s finger, just as the Tulip’s flower sits above its tall, slender stem. The IGI independently certified centre stone can shine alone in all its glory or be accompanied by sparkling Diamond Set shoulders.

Each ring is crafted from 18ct Gold and set with Diamonds of a minimum colour H and clarity of S1, meaning there are minimal inclusions not visible to the naked eye. This timeless setting comes in its own presentation box, perfect for the big reveal and for safe keeping.

Tulip Setting


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  • If you are not entirely sure what S1 or the colour H mean exactly, have a look at our diamond buying guide that explains the 4Cs in detail. We're also here to help with any questions you have, just contact us via email, phone or chat here.

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