Our Guide to Buying your First Watch

Picking the Perfect Timepiece Made Easy

Our Guide to Buying your First Watch

Picking the Perfect Timepiece Made Easy

At Fields, we know that buying a luxury watch should be an exciting experience for everyone. Throughout your life, there will be many considered purchases. One such considered purchase for many, is that of a luxury watch. Much like an engagement ring, a luxury watch is a high value special item that with care can be cherished for a lifetime. When it comes to buying a first watch however, there is now so much choice on offer that it can be hard to know where to even begin.

We welcome thousands of self-confessed “Watch Geeks”, timepiece collectors and first-time watch buyers from Ireland into our stores every year. We’re passionate about delivering not just the latest and greatest watch brand collections to our customers, but also exceptional customer service and knowledge to make what can be a daunting experience into one that’s as exciting as it should be. Here’s some things our store experts always tell our clients to keep keep in mind when they set out to buy a special timepiece.

The Brand

We stock a wide range of brands from across the world that each have their own unique brand story and heritage within the watch making industry. Whether you’re looking for a classic Swiss made brand or a more modern brand from Asia or the US, you’ll find it in our showrooms or on our website.

Research the different popular brands in the market and read about what makes them special in terms of their history, their technological achievements or novelty look and feel. Get a clear idea in your head of the style and look you want in a watch and this will help you find the one that's perfect for you.

The Features of your Watch

All popular luxury watch brands across the world boast a wealth of different technological and aesthetic features that make them desirable to watch novices and experts alike. Consumers will choose between a mechanical, automatic or quartz watch one. Mechanical watches must be wound to give the watch a power source.

Automatic watches can wind themselves as they are worn and quartz watches are powered by a battery. Many watches will be created with certain conditions in mind i.e., Pilot watches or diving watches. These are usually steeped in a history of providing technological features for these environments but will also inform the look of the timepiece. If you will be using your luxury watch for diving or flying, then features like water resistance and magnetic fields will be key considerations.

Many watch features are heavily tested and need to be certified by independent bodies so always look for a seal of approval from such bodies. If you’re looking for a watch that will be worn more casually or as a statement piece, then you’ll be more interested in how it looks than how it performs. All features aside, our experienced in-store watch experts like Tony and Graham will be able to inform you about the features of the watches we have on offer.

Your Budget

As with any luxury purchase, your budget will always be a big consideration. This shouldn’t be the biggest factor however as you should focus on getting a watch that you truly love. Once you’ve found this dream timepiece, then you can always take advantage of flexible payment options when you buy your watch in our stores. This makes a higher value purchase more easily accessible to everyone.

Looking after your Watch

Once you’ve secured your first luxury watch, you’ll want to keep it in perfect condition. Each watch will have different requirements to maintain its performance and reliability. All automatic and mechanical watches will require servicing over the course of their lifetime (much like a car) and a quartz watch will need regular battery changes. A luxury watch when well maintained and regularly serviced in this way, can last for generations.

We offer a repair and maintenance service in many of our shops and also recommend that you insure your luxury watch when you purchase it with us. If you’re looking to get your first luxury watch or add to a growing collection, then shop online or visit your nearest store.