A Freedom Capsule Where Time Stands Still

An experience of fulfilment, a new outlook on the world, a moment of trust, harmony and serenity with oneself, others and the natural elements.

It all starts with an escapade between land and sea. In perfect osmosis with the unspoiled beauty of the horizon and the incomparable power of the ocean, the Seaster represents the unique alliance of three distinctive attributes: elegance, trend and performance.

Tissot announces the new 40mm edition of the stylish, high-performance Seastar 1000 collection of sports watches. This hugely versatile case size is designed to cater for men and women looking for a chic, yet bold watch that can cross over from day to night while still promising exceptional technical performance.

Seastar 1000 Quartz 40mm

The Seastar 1000 Quartz 40mm sits perfectly between the 36mm and 45.5mm iterations of the Seastar 1000 already available. As with the existing 36mm and 45.5mm models, the new pieces take their name from their water resistance certification of 1,000 feet, equivalent to 300 metres. They also offer uni-directional rotating bezels for reliably timing underwater activity.

Shades of night and day

The new Seastar 1000 Quartz 40mm is available in three colourways:

  • A new but reassuringly ageless combination of black lacquered dial and black mineral bezel with clear, white detailing.
  • A blue lacquered dial and blue mineral bezel with white detailing.
  • An upscale iteration that marries a black lacquered dial and black mineral bezel with golden detailing.

The blue and black-and-gold options are also available in the 36mm case size introduced in summer 2022. Each colourway has been chosen and refined to offer exceptional clarity and sophistication. Low-light legibility is further enhanced by the application of Super-LumiNova® to the watches’ hands and hour markers.
The theme of refinement continues into the case and integrated three-link stainless steel metal bracelet, which have a blend of brushed and polished finishes to create contrast and texture.

Keeping you on time

The Seastar 1000 Quartz 40mm collection is powered by a high-quality Swiss Made quartz movement that delivers time and date functions with exceptional precision and reliability. And when the time comes to replace the battery, each model is equipped with Tissot’s EOL, or end-of-life indicator. This way, the wearer will know to replace the battery when it’s running low, rather than once it’s fully depleted. No unexpected drops in service.