She's Golden!

Style inspiration from

Jennie McGinn

Continuing our series delving into the style inspiration of our people here at Fields we catch up with Jennie McGinn, our Head of Brand, Content and Creative. Read on to find out how she creates her signature statement style and see what pieces are on her wish list, soon to be 'added to bag'!

Do you have an early jewellery memory from your childhood?

I remember getting a watch for my 7th birthday with a delicate dial and white leather straps and I was DISGUSTED because my younger sister got a Polly Pocket house and I felt she got a "much bigger" present than me!

How would you describe your own jewellery style and what inspires it?

I like to wear lots of big statement pieces. Either statement pieces or lots of layers to build up the statement effect. I definitely lean towards yellow gold and I have quite the collection of gold hoops. I don't feel "complete" unless I have some oversized hoop earrings on! 

What jewellery pieces do you wear every day – do you have any pieces that hold special memories?

I wear all my rings everyday - I would definitely lose them if I took them off. I have birthstone rings for my two children, which are extremely important to me.

I also have a signet ring a very dear friend gave me and I've recently bought a large oval signet ring from Fields that I'll probably get engraved with my mother's initials. 

What are your favourite current trends in jewellery?

I love pearl jewellery - especially the combination of gold and pearl. It's both traditional and modern. I'm also loving how much the wrist-stack is becoming a feature - the focus has always been about layering necklaces and ear cuffs.

It's great to see bracelet stacking and statement watches getting the look-in they deserve. It really elevates an outfit. 

What’s on your Fields wish list?

After seeing Lily Allen proudly display her Claddagh ring, I'm very tempted to get a solid gold Claddagh. I tend to always look for solid gold now, as even though it's more expensive, I know it will last the test of time and I definitely intend on passing my jewellery collection down to my children. 

I have lots of fashion jewellery, so my next big investment is a diamond eternity band to add to my ring stack - this is definitely a "self-gift" (just because I deserve it), but there are some gorgeous vintage wishbone shapes on Fields that I'm really drawn to and will add a bit of weight to my ring finger.

I've been doing my research and getting ready to invest in my first luxury watch. I'm looking for the TAG Heuer Aquaracer with 32mm mother of pearl dial and steel and gold bracelet.

I absolutely love the larger dial. I intend to wear this day-to-day - but it's a genuine investment and hopefully will increase in value over time.

Alternatively, I'm looking at the Gucci Timeless 29mm with a pink I love a bit of pink. 


They are perfect when worn on their own or can be accessorised with other hoops or even stud earrings. It can also of course be worn with a number of different earrings to create the seriously on-trend stacked look.

We have a great selection of earrings that you can shop to create your own unique stack.

As it's made from 9 carat yellow gold, it is also durable and long lasting. Its design means it can be worn in casual day to day looks or really stand out in a more elegant outfit at an important event like a wedding.

No jewellery collection would be complete without a statement bracelet. To complete her edit, Rebecca opted for one of our most popular bracelets - the sterling silver gold plated Herringbone Bracelet. We have a wide selection of bracelets and this particular piece exudes elegance.

You can see perfectly it sits alongside Rebecca's smartwatch when worn as part of a casual ensemble, but again this would be perfect when worn with more formal attire on its own or in a stacked wrist look.