Silver Linings with

Silvia Jones Melendo

Silver Linings with

Silvia Jones Melendo

Continuing our series delving into the style inspiration of our people here at Fields we catch up with Silvia Jones Melendo, our Campaign & CRM Executive.

How would you describe your own jewellery style and what inspires it?

My jewellery style is quite simple. I tend to wear silver jewellery 90% of the time with the odd change up to gold. I do love silver jewellery and I think it looks really clean and refined. I have a few key silver pieces that I wear every day.

What jewellery pieces do you wear every day?

For my every day jewellery I wear a silver chain that has a couple of different pendants on it. Then I wear a few different layered silver chain bracelets on the left wrist and a fitness watch on the right wrist. I admit the fitness watch isn’t very stylish so I'm tempted to buy a Garmin one soon, I think they look great along with being functional. Then I like to mix up my earrings with different silver or diamond studs or small hoops.

Do you have any pieces that hold special memories?

Yes, a lot of the jewelley I have was gifted to me by friends and family members so I have a few pieces that are very sentimental to me. One piece is a silver chain bracelet with a heart on it that that my grandad bought me for Christmas. He lives abroad so it is nice to have something special that I can look at everyday that reminds me of him. I also have a lovely charm bracelet that my family sent me a few years ago while I was travelling – they each bought a charm with a different meaning which meant a lot while being away from home. I don’t wear it much but it is a special piece that will remind me of my travels.

What are your favourite current trends in jewellery?

I love the ear stacking trend, you can really mix all sorts of studs, hoops and cuffs to create a cool personalised look. And you can do it completely different on the other ear so I think it is a really fun trend to play around with. Even if you don’t have many ear piercings you can give the impression that you do by wearing ear climbers and different ear cuffs to create a fuller ear stack look. I personally tend to wear silver hoops and studs but I have seen some really cool looks with yellow gold, coloured diamonds or with a mix of metals.

What’s on your Fields wish list?

Next on my wish list is a luxury watch, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I love the idea of investing in a good piece of jewellery or watch because it will last a long time and can be passed down in a family. As I mentioned a lot of my jewellery is gifted and I think handing down jewellery or a watch is very special. I also think a luxury watch is a nice way to mark a special occasion or milestone.

With those in mind I have my eye on a couple that I hope to treat myself to this year. I like this one from TAG Heuer because it is made of both steel and gold so it would match whether I was wearing silver or gold jewellery. I tend to wear a lot of silver but from time to time I like to wear some gold so it would be nice to have a watch that I can wear on both occasions. But if I was to stay true to my love for silver I would go for this pure steel silver bracelet watch from TAG Heuer Carrera collection. It also has a mother of pearl dial which I think makes it look so luxurious. When the time comes it will be hard for me to choose between these too!