Wedding Jewellery Guide


Your Wedding Band

Probably the only piece of jewellery you will wear forever, it has to be perfect for you. The wedding band is more than just a ring, but a symbol of your love, devotion and everlasting bond to one another. It's a symbol of the promise of forever from the moment it slips onto your finger

Wedding Band Styles

Throughout the ages, styles and fashions of wedding bands have changed. In years gone by, couples would often opt to wear matching wedding bands of gold. Today, though, we have such a vast choice of jewellery materials, metals and stones, that this tradition is much less common.

Newer fashions mean that it is now popular for ladies to choose a wedding band set with diamonds. Current choices of popular wedding bands would include yellow gold, white gold, platinum and two-tone yellow and white gold bands.

However, there is a distinct interest in a choice of white metal diamond set ring – white gold and platinum becoming increasingly popular. Most popular in gents’ wedding bands are also white metalled bands – Platinum and Palladium bands with masculine finishes leading in popularity. 

Fields have noticed a definite shift towards the demand of more contemporary wedding bands, and an increased diversity in choice. We have adapted our range in order to cater to this diverse demand.

Wedding Band Fits

From finger size and comfort to how the ring sits on your finger, it is so important to choose a wedding ring which fits perfectly. Let’s not forget – you will be wearing this every day. The likelihood is that, for ladies, you will wear your wedding band along with your engagement ring, something else to think about when trying sizes for fit. Before you choose your ring, learn what size your finger is; have your finger measured at any of our Fields stores. It is our compliments and only takes a few moments.

Wedding bands may often need to be ordered specifically to fit you. We suggest choosing your wedding bands at least three months before the wedding date. Fields have a number of rings made to fit various engagement ring styles available in all stores, including online. In some cases, if we do not have what you are looking for, we may be able to organise to have a ring made to match perfectly to your engagement ring.

Gents, who may not be accustomed to wearing rings on a regular basis, may struggle with the choice of ring, style and fit. We have a number of fits which include the popular “Comfort Fit”.  The comfort-fit band has a slightly rounded inside to allow more comfortable long-term wear. 


Our Range

The Fields range combines traditional and contemporary styles, providing to all our customers’ needs. We cater to customers seeking matching wedding bands, those looking for diverse and contemporary bands, customers looking to purchase two-toned rings, and to those looking to match a wedding band to an engagement ring shape. We have an attractively wide range of wedding bands for both ladies and gents. Our range extends from traditional yellow gold court bands to diamond set titanium rings to shaped platinum bands and all in between. 

 If you have a query about our range, contact us on


Fields Recommends

Though not essential, we would always recommend that you choose a wedding band which is made from the same metal and carat quality as your engagement ring. Try to have your rings chosen three months in advance of the wedding, in case it is necessary to have them ordered for you. Always be sure of the size you require before ordering a wedding band – any of our stores will be happy to measure your finger.

If you choose to purchase a white gold wedding band, we recommend you have it re-rhodium plated every 12-18 months, to maintain the gleaming white finish of your ring. Fields can provide this service.

Why not call in to one of our stores to try your rings so as you make your final decision. Choose something you love, something that feels comfortable, and something you will want to wear forever.


Wedding Gifts

At Fields we have an array of gifts, suitable for all parties of a Wedding. Let us help you with some gift ideas:

Gifts for Brides

It has become a modern tradition for the Bride and Groom to exchange gifts on the day of the Wedding. The gift of Jewellery for the Bride has become increasingly popular.


Gifts for Grooms/ Groomsmen

It is common for the Bride to gift the Groom with a watch or piece of jewellery engraved with the wedding date, or even both names.

Gifts for Bridesmaids

 The Bridesmaids play such an important part in your Wedding - why not give them the popular gift of jewellery to show your appreciation.


Gifts for the Mother of the Bride/Groom

On the Wedding day, it is normal to treat your Mother to a special gift. These ideas are more popular options.

Gifts for the Father of the Bride/ Groom

On the Wedding day, it is popular to give your Father a special gift. These are the more popular gifts for him…


It may be a nice sentimental touch to have the chosen Watch, Pen or Cufflinks engraved to remember the special day. This service is easily carried out by Fields in store only.