The Magic of Proposing on Valentine's Day: A Celebration of Love and Commitment

The Magic of Proposing on Valentine's Day: A Celebration of Love and Commitment

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Selecting an engagement ring that captures the essence of your partner's style and personality is a crucial step. Consider the "Four Cs" – cut, clarity, colour, and carat – to ensure a ring that is truly exceptional. Whether your partner prefers a classic, vintage, or non-traditional design, finding the perfect ring that reflects their unique taste will show them how well you know and understand them. We have a huge selection of styles, from a classic oval to a halo and cluster engagement rings.

Proposing with a Promise Ring

For couples who wish to choose their engagement ring together, a promise ring makes a heartfelt and thoughtful choice for a proposal. It represents your commitment to a future together and can be exchanged for the perfect engagement ring later, or kept as a second ring for the right hand! The promise ring becomes a cherished symbol of your love until you both find the ring of their dreams.

Lab-Grown Diamonds and Mined Diamonds

Both mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are a popular choice. Lab-grown diamonds have risen in popularity as the couple who want a larger style and look can get a bigger diamond for less cost, however, that isn’t the only consideration, the style, look and your personal taste are all factors. Lab-grown diamonds are chemically identical to mined, and both are beautiful so either make a wonderful choice.
Read more about lab-grown and mined diamonds here.

Romantic Proposal Ideas

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Take your partner to the place where your love story began, reliving cherished memories before getting down on one knee.
Capture the Moment: Hire a professional photographer to discreetly capture your proposal, giving you priceless photos of this precious moment in your journey.
An Intimate Home Proposal: Create a romantic atmosphere at home with candles, flowers, and their favourite music and meal. Proposing in the comfort of your own space adds an extra touch of intimacy and personal meaning.
The Scavenger Hunt of Love: Plan a scavenger hunt that takes your partner to significant locations in your relationship, with clues leading to the grand finale – your heartfelt proposal.